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SIC CODE Sales Profit
Location Seller#
5083-0308 $9.90 Mil $0.90 Mil West Coast  S-1820 RTE
Irrigation Supplies Distributor - Agricultural Water Conservation Specialists Strong, well-established family owned company providing full-service irrigation services to the agricultural industry in their service area including the sales and rental of irrigation pipe and related accessories. They also install and remove the pipe and sell supplies and hardware to walk-in clients at each of their 5 locations. Company is the industry leader in their service area and has grown over the years by cultivating strong customer relationtionships.
Agriculture - Fruit Grower
5148, 0175, 0179 $14.10 Mil $3.98 Mil South America  S-2827-1 JEM
South American Fruit Grower / Distributor Diversified fruit grower was a pioneer of blueberry production and is now a grower of apples, blueberries, cherries and pears. Company is vertically integrated with orchards in several farms equipped with drip irrigation and nursery. All production is packed in three plants with cold storage facilities. Company has several certifications including BCS Organics, Fair for Life, etc. Annual volume is over 12,000 tons. Export volume is 35%.
Apparel & Accessories
2253 $42.00 Mil $2.50 Mil Canada  S-1775 RB
Headwear Fashion Company A family business that manufactures and imports head wear and other fashion products. It sells directly to retailers and sells its private label to branded manufacturers. Domestically completely vertical, 60 years in business and is the leader in its market in North America, for its imports, it has a strong network of factories in China and has a very strong internal organization
3721, 4581, 2899, 3822 $3.20 Mil $1.20 Mil South  S-1807 DWF
Environmental Aviation Company has been provider of air support and dispersants for major clients for many years. They focus on environmental conditions by reducing the surface tension between environmental concerns and nature. Their process provides the most efficient application to control contaminants to the environment.
5812 $3.60 Mil $0.30 Mil East Coast  S-1797 MHS
Bakery Cafe Chain This high quality Bakery Cafe Shop Chain of five stores located in a major city.is the third largest behind Starbucks and Dunkin Doughnuts. The company sells coffee, teas, hot chocolate, soups, muffins, croissants, cupcakes, scones, and sandwiches made fresh daily by their in-house bakery and distributed on a timely basis to their stores.
2086, 5149 $17.60 Mil $1.60 Mil Europe  S-2861-2 JPN
Two Companies own 5 mineral water wells and modern bottling plants and factories licensed to extract the maximum annual volume of up to 10 billion liters of water. One of the sites can produce a quantity of exceptional top quality mineral water that equals the production of the top 3 US brand market share leaders. Although the Companies are operating in only 1 EU country, the growing demand for pure water in the Eurozone, other parts of the Mediterranean region and the world is a major opportunity for export growth and continued high gross margins exceeding 45%. Several experts have confirmed that the wells have very high quality water that is comparable in quality to luxury brands such as Evian, Fiji and Vittel – and is listed as UNO water supplier in the United Nations Global Marketplace (incl. UNGM No.) in 193 countries. Due to lack of international experience, multiple international supply requests have not yet been answered by existing management. However, through the efforts of current management, the company has returned to profitability.
Building & Design Service
7389 $1.50 Mil $0.23 Mil Western US  S-1844 MIG
Historical Restorations Firm The company is a premier provider of design/build services for historical restoration of commercial buildings in Southern California. While the company takes on all types of projects, it is recognized professionally for its restorations of restaurants and bars. The current owner is motivated to sell as his family is relocating and is open to a variety of creative deal structures and assisting the new owner in transitioning the business. The design/build team is well-established and will stay with the company.
Business Services - Graphic Design
7389, 7336 $9.30 Mil $2.90 Mil UK  S-2525-4 AHO
Manufacturer and Designer of Branded Graphics and Products Well established specialist manufacturer and designer of branded 2D and 3D graphics and products associated with the Point of Sale and Point of Purchase industries. A long established business, holding the leading position in its respective markets. They are the major supplier of 2D and 3D graphics and products to the vending and beverage equipment markets and has recently launched the manufacture and supply of its own range of specialist housing for the point of sale beverage industry.
Car Dealer
5521 $77.00 Mil $0.00 Mil East Coast  S-1012-2 RFK
Used Car Wholesaler The Company buys used cars from consumers and resells them to wholesale auctioneers in multiple markets. They provide an alternative for consumers to private sales or dealer trade-ins. Their business model allows them to offer sellers, on average, $900 more than they would receive on a typical dealer trade-in. The company has purchased over 80,000 vehicles since its inception 5 years ago. They currently have a 1% market share. Their business plan anticipates a 5% share in the near future.
5812 $3.60 Mil $0.50 Mil Midwest  S-924-11 NTB
Mobile Commercial Catering Company This mobile commercial catering business can supply 15,000 meals a day. They have contracts and relationships with multiple government agencies to provide meals in emergency situations nationwide. Dedicated management team wants to stay on to grow the business.
3271, 3272 $5.80 Mil $0.90 Mil Florida  S-705-5 DMK
Florida Ready Mix Cement Company The Company manufactures and sells a wide variety of ready mix and cement block products. Area of distribution is roughly 200 square miles. This manufacturer provides quality concrete products from two batch manufacturing plants. The owner would be interested in inquiries from investors who buy companies like this one.
Ceramic Tile
5032 $6.36 Mil $0.85 Mil Mid Atlantic  S-1732 BSS
Tile Distribution The platform Company manufactures tile and distributes the tile to over 30 countries. The distribution company was started in 2009 and has been growing at an average of 25% per year. Ceramic and porcelain floor and wall tiles.
Communications Equipment
3663, 3669, 4899 $4.80 Mil $1.50 Mil Northeast  S-1331-28 DBN
Manufacturer of Radio Frequency/Microwave Components Established Company is a designer and manufacturer of customized passive and active radio frequency (RF)/microwave components for commercial and military applications. The company’s revenue mix is composed of distributed antenna systems (55%), amplifier systems (30%), passive filtering components (11%), accessories (2%), service design and commissioning (1%), and equipment repairs (1%). The majority (80-85%) of all manufacturing functions are performed in-house. The company employs 19 full-time employees.
1771, 1799, 2531, 3272, 1541, 1542, 1752 $34.50 Mil $5.50 Mil Southeast  S-1331-25 DBN
Construction Tilt-Up Service The Company is a provider of Tilt-Up concrete construction services. The Company’s services include foundation construction, tilt-up panels, exterior concrete paving and specialty flooring. In 2013, the Company was awarded 26 projects and 96 projects as of August 2014. The Company maintains a total base of 120 customers, and 50% of revenue comes from recurring customer jobs. The Company employs 67 full-time personnel, including its shareholders.
Construction - Industrial
3531, 3499, 7359, 3536,1541, 5084, 1796, 3469, 3549, 1542, 1791 $14.00 Mil $4.10 Mil Southeast  S-1682 DBN
Metal Fabrication, Industrial Maintenance & Commercial Construction Founded in 1991 and has grown into a full service industrial maintenance and construction company with two offices located in Florida. One 35,000 sq. ft. facility is a full service metal fabrication shop (26,000 sq ft under roof) with a full line of metal working equipment capable of meeting all of their clients fabrication needs. In 2003 they began expanding into the field of commercial construction and have since provided numerous turn-key commercial projects ranging from manufacturing and warehouse space to entertainment and gaming facilities.
Construction - Lumber
5031 $24.00 Mil $1.20 Mil Northeast  S-1830 IS
Lumber and Building Products This growing family business has been in operation for sixty years and now entering the third generation of leadership. The company has a top reputation in the region and is known for providing a combination of value and high levels of customer service. Revenue has increased every single year for over 15 years. The Company has identified several growth opportunities that can be implemented under the next phase of leadership. The Company sells their products to both contractors and consumers operating out of three locations.
Construction - Paving
1611, 1771, 2951 $24.80 Mil $1.60 Mil Southeast  S-2734-28 GVP
Construction/Paving Contractor & Asphalt Manufacturer The company offers turnkey paving solutions by providing contracting, site development, and asphalt manufacturing in-house.
Contractor - Business Services
7379, 7373, 9711 $40.00 Mil $3.40 Mil Mid Atlantic  S-1331-34 DBN
Diversified Federal Government Contractor Provider of IT, Engineering and Environmental Services Founded in 2003, the Company provides a diverse set of services including: Energy Management (30%), Cyber Security (26%), Environmental Engineering (21%), ERP (12%), IT (5%), Secured Network Communication (3%), Health IT (2%) and Mobile Applications (1%). The two shareholders are supported by 200 full-time employees, of which half hold Secret or Top Secret clearance.
Contractor - Mechanical
1711 $17.50 Mil $2.40 Mil Midwest  S-2869-1 CWB
Profitable Mechanical Contractor in Midwest Mechanical contracting company in positioned for major growth. This multi-faceted company is capable of performing turnkey mechanical services to their commercial and industrial clients. They specialize in HVAC, process piping, steam piping, welding, plumbing and general plant maintenance services (many on contract). They also possess design build capabilities and can support very large projects scope of work as prime or GC for the project
7699 $6.50 Mil $0.50 Mil Northeast  S-2747-5 SJE
Boiler/Mechanical Contractor The Company provides industrial boiler-related services, HVAC contracting, mechanical construction and custom metal fabrication services. As a specialty trades contractor, the company focuses on boiler equipment repairs, boiler and process systems applications, mechanical installations, custom fabrication of boiler systems and field technical services. The Company is accredited by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors to repair and alter heating boilers, power boilers, and unfired pressure vessels and is also accredited by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to manufacture heating boilers, power boilers and unfired pressure vessels and parts. The Company employs 29 full-time open-shop personnel, including two shareholders.
Contractor - Pools
1799 $6.50 Mil $2.30 Mil Hawaii  S-1845 RCL
Waterscape and Swimming Pool Contractor A dynamic company, headquartered in the middle of the Pacific, with projects, business all over the globe. Its expertise in building pools, spa, major innovative technology spans the many large projects. On top of that, it is a fun business, and its creativity is visible in many named brand Hotels.
Contractor - Scaffolding
5033,1389,9224 $26.00 Mil $3.50 Mil South Central  S-2769-3 DWF
Insulation and Scaffolding Contractor The Company is an Industrial contractor specializing in the Industrial, Marine & Commercial insulation with broad capabilities. It is a premier contractor for insulation and related scopes (fireproofing, coatings, refractory, abatement, etc.) serving in both open-shop and discrete union environments. Company was incorporated in over 40 years ago and has continually expanded and diversified our services to become a leading full-service specialty contractor. We have successfully completed more than 3,400 projects, ranging from small call-out jobs to multi-million dollar grassroots projects.
Cut Stone
3281 $12.00 Mil $3.00 Mil Southeast  S-1832 RXL
Marble & Granite Wholesaler, Retailer & Importer The Company is an importer, supplier and distributor of a large variety of natural stone products. Works with designers, contractors and brokers to distribute its products. Also sells to the public from its showrooms. A well-known and respected brand in the South East region, famous for the best quality and prices.
Direct Marketing Services
7330, 7331 $35.00 Mil $10.00 Mil   S-1787 MXY
Direct Marketing Company This a direct marketing company with outstanding infrastructure and blue-chip clients. The company renders a range of direct marketing services, including mail piece printing and posting, assembly, binding, folding, sorting and postal cost optimization
Educational Products
9003 $3.70 Mil $1.70 Mil Northeast  S-1790 IS
Educational Products for Young Children The Company provides educational products that combine learning and playing. They offer a superb line of award-winning, high-quality furnishing products for the classroom or home that are practical and fun. The attention to design, details, and durability translates into a lifetime of precious childhood memories.
Electronic Parts
5065,3999, 3990 $6.30 Mil $1.70 Mil Southeast  S-1331-33 DBN
Manufacturer of Electronic Safety Devices for Heavy Equipment Long established, the Company designs, manufactures, and supports electronic devices for heavy equipment. Over 90% of the Company’s product is sold to dealers and end users including many Fortune 500 companies throughout North America who own and operate significant construction equipment fleets. The remaining 10% are sold to construction equipment, aerial lift and mining dealers and end users. The principal is supported by an employee base of 13 full-time and 2 part-time employees
3823 $29.00 Mil $3.20 Mil South Atlantic  S-705-4 DMK
Electronic Manufacturing Service Company (EMS) This Company is a privately owned full service custom Electronic Manufacturing Service Company (EMS) that provides advanced custom electronic assembly manufacturing for downstream original equipment manufacturers (OEMS).
3571 $5.80 Mil $0.54 Mil West Coast  S-1831 JVM
The company is known for Development and Design of Quality Computer Connectors, Components and a Wide Range of Interconnect Products. Worldwide distribution.
8711, 0781 $14.40 Mil $9.60 Mil Southeast  S-1331-35 DBN
Consulting Engineering Firm For the government market, the company provides many niche and diverse services and is very effective at competing with national and international engineering firms. Within the private market, the company has a strong reputation for planning and site engineering of some of the largest master planned developments in the geographic markets it serves.
5719-03 $12.90 Mil $1.50 Mil Northeast  S-2480-1 JWK
Regional Retailer of Hearths, Hardware Grills and Supplies Funded over three generations ago, the Company is a well regarded operation that sells hearths , fireplaces, stoves, hardware, grills, patio furniture and other related supplies to retail customers. The Company operates from multiple retail locations, including a newly renovated flagship location.
Food - Seafood
5146 $18.20 Mil $1.60 Mil Revealed upon Buyer interest  S-2844-1 MG
Exceptional Seafood Cooker & Processor The company is an exceptional Seafood cooker and processor that has operated successfully for over 60 years. The business acquires, processes, sells and distributes seafood to its client base. They sell throughout the United States and Mexico. They are the only company in the United States that still cooks their particular seafood on a commercial level. The Company has a long history of satisfying its customers’ needs, with established name brand recognition over its long history. Although the company began its history selling strictly to retail, it now sells to food service accounts, retail, cash and carry, and some further manufacturers. Retail now represents less than 5% of the company’s total business.
51410 $10.00 Mil $0.74 Mil West Coast  S-1709 JVM
Wholesale Food Distributor & Manufacturer – West Coast This Company manufacturers and distributes 100% natural frozen and ambient food products that are marketed worldwide. The owner is looking for additional investment, but is open to all manner of financial transactions. Over 6 years in business, the firm is projecting 20% growth rates for 2012 and beyond.
3462 $6.40 Mil $0.27 Mil West Coast  S-1843 JLM
Foundry A jobbing foundry that pours Iron, Ductile iron, Steel, Stainless Steel metals. In business for 70 years. Employs a little under 50 employees. They have an established customer base with a good reputation.
8082 $24.90 Mil $4.40 Mil Midwest  S-1833 RS/PNM
Private Pay, Skilled Nursing Home Healthcare Service Auto Related , Catastrophic Injury Home Health Care This Home Care Staffing organization serves this Midwestern State with a full complement staff of skilled nurses, therapists, specialized assistants and high tech home health care aides. They offer critical and determinate medical and nursing supervision for catastrophic auto related injury via private pay state collected motorist insured fund of over $30 B for home patient care, including brain & spinal cord injury, rehabilitation, vital sign monitoring range of motion exercises, bathing, to simple to very complex dressing changes for 24/7 home health care.
8082 $20.80 Mil $1.10 Mil South Central  S-1829 AJR
Home Health Care Provider The company is a licensed, leading provider of home health services, delivering both nursing and therapy services. The company focuses on licensed clinical skilled service for the home. The company has staff licensed nurses, therapists, medical social workers and other allied health related providers.
Helicopter Sightseeing
4522 $22.00 Mil $4.50 Mil Western US  S-1835 RCL
Helicopter Tour Company This business was started by a young couple over 30 years ago in prime location, offering helicopters tour for sightseeing and visits to hard to reach places; “the once in a life time tour”. Over the years, the number of helicopters increased from 2 to 10, and in several key locations.
Housewares - Wood
2499 $13.80 Mil $2.40 Mil Western  S-2846-1 JWT
Bamboo Housewares Products Company Well established and trusted industry leader in premium bamboo cutting boards and expanding product lines e.g. kitchen accessories, furniture, counter tops, etc. Fifteen year-old branded company in its sector. Good historic organic growth rate with opportunity for significant increase in revenue/market expansion via funding of a strong, well-focused marketing program. Product line has tremendous market appeal due to 1) strength/hardness of bamboo raw material; 2) sustainable/ecologically renewable alternative to hard woods.
1711 $31.40 Mil $3.90 Mil Midwest  S-2874-1 CWB
Plumbing, HVAC & Fire Supression Contractor This premier contractor has earned a strong reputation for integrity, quality, dedication, and efficiency. Most long time customers them a trusted strategic partner helping them accomplish their overall objectives in a professional and efficient manner. The company has grown significantly since its founding almost 50 year ago and provides commercial/industrial plumbing, HVAC, and fire suppression services as well as tradtional residential plumbing services.
5075, 1711 $3.80 Mil $0.92 Mil Midwest  S-1811 PMN
HVAC Distributor & Duct/Vent Mfg w/ Premium Installation Contracts The Number One Project Bidder Invitee in Midwest for Premium Residential Home Builders, large property management companies and Non-Industrial Commercial clients. This is a key, wholesale distributor/ custom Mfg/ distributor for several large national builders for, n who specializes in sales and installs for national brand HVAC manufacturers throughout Midwest Region for Residential and (Non Industrial) Commercial installs.
Information Technology
7371, 7373, 7379, 7389, 3663 $10.10 Mil $4.20 Mil Europe  S-2861-1 JPN
Venture-Growth Opportunity European-Based Mobile Device Company with Focus on eInk Devices, Tablets and Smartphones Headquartered in Switzerland, the Company has representation in the USA, Germany and China. After its start-up phase, market entry was achieved in 2013. The Company uses a lean corporate structure while insuring that essential valuable know-how is retained within the Company and not transferred to third parties. The Company has 6 full-time employees who, as needed, are supported by up to 30 freelancers. Included among the Company’s clients are well-known global and European companies. Markets served include education, publishing, government, military, hospitals, media, automotive, manufacturing and boating.
50459903 $7.50 Mil $1.90 Mil Europe  S-1012-1 RFK
Low Code Development Software Provider The Company is a Low Code application developer. They have developed a sophisticated product platform that can be delivered on premise or as an application platform-as-a-service. Their product delivers a flexible enterprise application faster and at a substantially lower cost than traditional package software or custom developmental solutions. Their product is suitable for large (ERP) and smaller applications with easy use and very little programming necessary.
3825 $4.20 Mil $1.60 Mil Northeast  S-2747-4 SJE
Optical Networking IP & Design Services The Company is a leading provider of standards based Hardware Description Language IP networking cores for Application Specific Integrated Circuits and Field Programmable Gate Arrays. They also provide design services related to their IP cores typically providing custom subsystems based on customer requirements. Their products cover the full spectrum of rates and protocols necessary to support short and long haul optical transport networks with Enhanced Forward Error Correction
Leasing Services
6153, 6159 $0.00 Mil $0.00 Mil Canada  S-1839 AHO
International Leasing Company Expanding into USA International leasing company based in Canada that has been in business for 15 years is seeking an equity partner to establish offices in the USA. It has a sister company in the UK for over 5 years. Its niche is small and medium enterprises (SME) up to $250,000 in full payout leases and loans.
Marketing Research
5419-10 $10.40 Mil $1.00 Mil Revealed upon Buyer interest  S-1752 PNB
Marketing Research Company This independent global marketing research company provides a multitude of research ser¬¬vices including in-house data collection, project management, data analysis and inter¬pre¬ta¬tion, and survey and sampling design. Services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer’s needs. The company has extensive experience in marketing research, a solid reputation for the highest quality, and a very strong customer satisfaction commitment as demonstrated through their excellent long-term client relationships. They have vast experience areas of Insurance, Government, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation and Travel, Financial, Agriculture, Non-Profit, Political, Consumer Package Goods, Legal and Retail Industry.
8999 $3.90 Mil $0.20 Mil Eastern USA  S-1736 TJA
Consumer Automotive Media Producer/Distributor The Company is presently the largest producer and distributor of video car shopping tools, providing 100% coverage of the U.S. light vehicle market. Its suite of video test drives and walk-arounds are licensed on an annual recurring fee basis to the largest portals on the Internet: AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, Kia, Autotrader, etc., as well as Cablevision and Time Warner VOD services.
2430 $5.40 Mil $0.30 Mil Midwest  S-1840 RBT
Manufacturer of Furniture Edging Products Long established Company manufactures a highly specialized line of edging products used in furniture and other wood products.
Mobile Homes
1389, 2451, 7011, 7033 $5.50 Mil $3.20 Mil Permian Basin  S-2432-18 DBN
Temporary Lodging Facility - Man Camp Built in 2012, this premium quality temporary lodging facility, located in the heart of the Permian Basin and oil/gas activity, both production & new drilling, is a cash cow with stable & recurring revenue in both high (need beds) & low priced (reduce costs) oil. Revenue is a function of nightly accommodation & is recurring (95% of guests stay multiple nights/85% of customers contract recurring months).
Oil & Gas
3537, 4213, 1389 $4.30 Mil $1.60 Mil South Texas  S-2432-17 DBN
Crude Oil Handler This crude oil hauler started in 2011 and provides crude oil transportation services via its fleet of 8 trucks and 9 tanker trailers in the Eagle Ford area of South Texas. Drivers pick up crude oil from customer storage tanks at well sites and deliver it to Gulf Coast refineries. Drivers are experienced and highly qualified, with Homeland Security clearance. Trucks & trailers are late model, equipped with GPS and have trackers to manage timecards, harsh driving, and MPGs. Facility has yard for parking, mtce. & repair facility and administration building. Even though oil prices are down, the volume of crude has not decreased, and these trucking companies are as busy as ever.
2834 $13.00 Mil $5.00 Mil Ukraine  S-2877-1 BCS
Ukraine-based Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Distributor Ukraine-based producer of OTC drugs. This pharmaceutical company has developed 15 drugs unique to the Company that have gone through clinical trials and about half have been patented. All Company’s drugs passed government approved clinical trials and are certified for sale.
Plastic Products
3089 $3.40 Mil $0.78 Mil Northeast  S-2879-1 MHS
Plastic Tableware Manufacturer The Company specializes in injection and blow molding of plastic food service items (50% of 2015 sales) and decorative promotional products (50%). It manufactures thousands of SKU’s including trays, vases, napkin holders, bowls, display ware, drink ware, pitchers, ice buckets, serving utensils, plates and platters, cups, lids, and other accessories. The Company targets broad industry segments, including mass retailers (35% of 2015 revenue), food service distributors (23%) promotional product firms (18%), retail and party stores (11%), grocery food service establishments (7%), packaging and catering operations (4%), export markets (1%), and other segments (1%).
3087, 3083 $9.90 Mil $0.44 Mil USA  S-1735 JPM
Custom Thermoforming Plastic Company This long established company specializes in custom thermoforming plastic enclosures for a variety of industries, including medical, automotive, recreation, food/beverage, computer, and data storage. They are a top niche player in a highly specialized field.
Power Sports Equipment
5571-06 $10.00 Mil $0.40 Mil New England  S-2630-3 RB
Dominant Power Sport Dealer This dealership represents multiple lines of new and used Power Sport equipment and accessories that produce $10 Million in revenues. Competition is virtually non- existent.
2759, 2752, 7331,2721 $13.30 Mil $2.70 Mil USA  S-1786 JEM
Full Spectrum Printer / Mailing Solutions Co. This full service printer has invested heavily over the years to keep ahead of the technology curve. They have also made multiple acquisitions to grow and gain new customer relationships. $2MM in brand new equipment was recently added, allowing penetration into an extremely lucrative niche sector. Significant business in printing trade journals, SEC materials, niche mailing solutions, etc.
3732 $10.10 Mil $2.30 Mil USA  S-1851 MHS
Robot Manufacturer for Marine and Industrial Coatings Removal The Company is the developer of a disruptive, green, technological innovation product that addresses the multi-billion dollar marine and industrial coatings removal market. A proven product, it saves significant time, costs, improves safety, and eliminates environmental waste.
Scrap & Waste Materials
5093 $8.00 Mil $6.10 Mil US and Overseas  S-1846 PNB
Emerging Market Manufacturing Company This independent global green manufacturing company offers a multitude of recyclable waste solutions and environmental consultants with a long and proud history, having established this company in Germany in 1978. Their unique waste processing and recycling business model is built on the principles used by their leading scientists who have extensive knowledge in the fields of environmental resources and particle board and décor panel manufacturing. A key tenet in their philosophy is building “simplicity and efficiency” into their manufacturing model.
Ship Repair
3731 $16.80 Mil $1.60 Mil USA  S-1804 AJR
Marine Vessel Repair & Maintenance The company has built a reputation on vessel repair services, marine ship repair services, as well as new commercial barge, dry-dock, and marine construction projects.
7163 $11.80 Mil $0.80 Mil Mid Atlantic  S-2788-7 RFB
Specialized Engineering and Technical Staffing Firm The Company was founded by its current owner in 1983 as a staffing firm specializing in supplying both short term and long term engineering and technical personnel to government agencies and industry. It is organized as a “C: corporation. The company has its administrative headquarters in North Carolina.
Staffing Services
7361 $14.50 Mil $1.00 Mil Midwest  S-2788-5 RFB
Light Industrial Staffing Firm Company was founded in 2007 by combining 4 separate LLC’s. All 4 owners are mature professionals with extensive staffing experience. One owner is full time and the other 3 are not spending full time. The company is profitable and operates out of 3 branches 2 located in Central Indiana and one in Southern Indiana. Business is 100% Light Industrial.
Telephone Communications
4813, 1623-02 $10.00 Mil $1.20 Mil Southeast  S-605-11 AHO
Cell Tower Construction Company Leading Construction Company that specializes in cell tower construction projects from design to completion. Privately held, the Company’s projects include installation work in the southeast. They offer a complete communications turn-key service for companies such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and many more.
Tobacco Products
2100 $6.30 Mil $3.50 Mil USA  S-1842 RFM
Rapidly Expanding Manufacturer of Premium e-liquid Brands for use in Electronic Cigarettes The Company was started by talented entrepreneurs to manufacturer a range of premium e-liquid brands for use in electronic cigarettes. The owners have ensured that at all stages of the company development the proper manufacturing processes and procedures were in place, so creating a firm base that can be easily scaled. They have developed innovative marketing approaches to brand and create product awareness. This has paid off handsomely and has helped contribute to the explosive growth that the company has experienced.
Transportation Service
4789-0102 $27.40 Mil $4.10 Mil Southeast  S-1816 JDC
Furniture Delivery Service **saless thru 6/30/2016** This family owned company has sustained impressive growth over the past four years due to the operational strength of the owners. They serve a niche market, in which they hold a commanding position, Their strong customer base and dedication to service has allowed them to expand their coverage across a wide swath of the US. The company uses the latest tracking and vehicle maintenance technology to ensure drivers safety and prompt customer delivery.
Transportation Services
4512, 4117, 4729 $5.00 Mil $1.20 Mil Northwest  S-2620-5 DWF
Scheduled Line Run & Motor Coach Business This Company has led the industry for many years and has earned a FMCSA satisfactory rating. Owners have maintained a balanced customer base of scheduled contract routes and charter services. The top 20 customers account for approximately 75% of the 2015 total revenue and are expected to continue for years as most have been loyal for years. Forty percent (40%) of total annual revenue is scheduled routes. $1,000,000 of route revenue is guaranteed annually. Customers include government, often with grants, various tour groups, sports teams, colleges, and universities.
6159, 7513 $27.00 Mil $5.10 Mil Southeast  S-1847 JPN
Multi-State Truck Rental Company Seeks Growth Capital The Company provides rental, repair and marketing services to independent semi-truck operators across the United States from multiple locations. The Company rents its vehicles to its customers with an option to purchase at the end of the rental term. Customers may elect to purchase rather than rent vehicles. To serve customers, the Company also offers repair services at its facilities or at independent service locations. Due to multi-year growth and increasing demand, the Company plans to expand its network of affiliated service centers, and open new company-owned rental and customer service centers. Responding to current semi-truck market conditions, the Company has reduced expenses, and upgraded its fleet to attract new customers.
Weapons Manufacturer
3821-0100 $5.50 Mil $0.71 Mil Canada  S-1776 RB
Laboratory Testing and Military Weapons Manufacturer Custom bench test laboratory systems and the design and manufacture of military guns. Commercial dealers and government accounts