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Location Seller#
3399-99 $14.00 Mil $0.90 Mil West Coast  S-2787-1 TJA
Manufacturer of Agricultural Growth Enhancers This Company was formed to innovate and manufacture energy products that enhance the growth of vegetation products. The Corporation specializes in manufacturing revolutionary products for improving agricultural crop growth and yields. The company's first line of products have been tested for five years and have shown to increase yields by an average of 20% in plants, trees, grasses and flowers. The Company has Patents pending in 41 Countries.
Airport Security
3535, 3599 $0.00 Mil $0.00 Mil New England  S-2608-1 DPC
Airport Security Bin Return System Located in New England, the Company has a patented stainless-steel bin return system for passenger x-ray machines located at TSA managed airport security checkpoints. The systems return the plastic bins to the screening entry area once passengers have removed their screened personal items.
Apparel & Accessories
2253 $33.00 Mil $1.00 Mil Canada  S-1775 DT
Headwear Fashion Company A family business that manufactures and imports head wear and other fashion products. It sells directly to retailers and sells its private label to branded manufacturers. Domestically completely vertical, 60 years in business and is the leader in its market in North America, for its imports, it has a strong network of factories in China and has a very strong internal organization
5231 $23.80 Mil $2.40 Mil USA  S-1793 VAB
Apparel / Fashion Industry Accessories Company A company over 80 years old. Family owned and run. Has relationships with many of the industry giants. They produce an accessory line that cannot be lived without. The products continue to evolve. New products are always introduced to the marketplace through this manufacturer. They have changed with the times and have locations and relationships in place to continue it’s dominance into the future
Auto Body Repair & Parts
7538-01 $1.80 Mil $0.50 Mil   S-2623-4 NRJ
Exceptional Auto Repair Business & Real Estate A well-known highly successful, Mercedes Benz auto repair business located in Florida. This business was established 30 years ago and has an extensive, long-term and loyal customer base.
5812 $4.70 Mil $0.51 Mil East Coast  S-1797 MHS
Bakery Cafe Chain This high quality Bakery Cafe Shop Chain of seven stores located in a major city.is the third largest behind Starbucks and Dunkin Doughnuts. The company sells coffee, teas, hot chocolate, soups, muffins, croissants, cupcakes, scones, and sandwiches made fresh daily by their in-house bakery and distributed on a timely basis to their stores.
5551 $10.20 Mil $1.50 Mil West Coast  S-2745-3 SMC
Boat and Marine Parts and Dealership The Company sells 14' to 30' boats, trailers, marine engines, parts and repair services to a broad range of customers primarily in Pacific Northwest and Alaska. They are a multi-line marine dealership that has received local and national industry recognition
2086 $4.60 Mil $0.10 Mil North America  S-1785 JJH
Manufacturer – Water Bottling This is an outstanding opportunity for co-packaging branded specialty water in an expanding market. This company is a leading co-manufacturer of premium branded & mid-market spring, distilled & purified bottled water. The company is uniquely positioned to service their customers from a prime West Coast location. Plans are in place for the 2014 installation of equipment to manufacture the PET bottles in house. This will eliminate the transportation cost per bottle for all customers and drive additional profits to the bottom line. In addition, there is an opportunity to significantly increase revenues with a major customer, however additional capital expenditures would be needed for the build out. The owner seeks a merger partner to take the company to the next level.
Business Services
7389 $10.20 Mil $1.00 Mil U.S.,Canada & Costa Rica  S-1689 SJE
Market Research Call Center The company provides quantitative data collection services to the market research industry in Canadian, United States and overseas locations through the use of CATI (Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing) and WAPI (Web-Assisted Personal Interviewing) studies through several different entities. Since 1994 the company has built its reputation by delivering reliable, customized data collection, programming and data processing services to an extensive international client base. Their business philosophy is to leverage new technologies and provide dynamic, cost-effective research solutions.
2064 $11.50 Mil $1.70 Mil Northeast  S-2781-1 IGM
Candy Manufacturer Well established, this company is a true leader in the industry. Once in a while an opportunity comes along where the product & return are both solid and growing. It is an industry that is always in demand. Regardless of economic times or conditions, this business has always performed to investors expectations. Located in the eastern United States, the company has a workforce of about full time employees.
2653 $6.70 Mil $0.75 Mil Southwest   S-1730A JWT
Corrugated Box Manufacturer The controlling entity owns a Maquiladora operation and the related plant facilities in Mexico near the San Diego, CA border. Approximately seven years ago the controlling entity started the Company’s 50,000 sq. ft corrugated box manufacturing facility. The controlling entity also acquired a plastics injection molding business in 2007 of which the principal had been the COO for many years. For strategic purposes the controlling entity converted the 100,000 sq. ft. injection molding plant to a paper mill (see separate profile S-1730B JWT) in the last few years.
Ceramic Tile
5032 $10.80 Mil $0.86 Mil Mid Atlantic  S-1732 BSS
Tile Distribution The platform Company manufactures tile and distributes the tile to over 30 countries. The distribution company was started in 2009 and has been growing at an average of 25% per year. Ceramic and porcelain floor and wall tiles.
Chocolate Products
2066 $2.70 Mil $2.20 Mil Australia & USA  S-2632-1 CRC
Chocolate Production – Patent Protected Process This is a unique patented production process of chocolate products that was created in 1999 by the Company. It is in the business of marketing and selling licenses for the rights to use its proprietary technology for the purposes of manufacturing and distribution of these chocolate products. It is the leader in the industry of embossing any image, message or photograph onto a chocolate surface using chocolate. The Company’s unique products include: quality chocolate with a raised design, high definition graphics including lifelike photos, 3D imaging of any logo or photo - personalized to suit any occasion
4899 $6.00 Mil $0.00 Mil Western US  S-911-3 TBL
Advanced Internet Voice Applications This company bought technology related to voice applications on the internet. It’s primary competitive advantage is the simplicity of the tools and the ability of individuals and small business owners to use them without hiring consultants. The ease of use of the tools/technology allows verbal messages to be created quickly and changed frequently to keep internet material fresh. The company plans to keep its technology evolving and ahead of its competition. Creating online audio ads is an important part of the company’s revenue model.
4899 $2.00 Mil $0.00 Mil Flexible  S-911-2 TBL
Wireless Communications Channel Management This company is a start-up to acquire and manage active wireless licenses released by the FCC for individual and small business ownership. The licenses have been rebanded from analog to digital in the 800 MHZ frequency band (one of the cell phone bands) as part of the Sprint Nextel merger agreement. Because the licenses are already in use and a large percentage of the users will remain after the transfer, the deal will look similar to a sale-leaseback. The startup company has subcontracted with the engineering company that is currently providing logistic support and will focus on increasing the license and channel usage to raise margins. The company’s staff are experienced wireless marketing and sales professionals.
7379-0202 $8.20 Mil $0.93 Mil Mid Atlantic  S-1782 TDA
Cabling Company This Company designs engineers, and builds flexible structured cabling solutions that support multiple voice, data, video, security and multimedia systems. Our team of professionals can evaluate, design and install your network cabling needs. Our structured cabling design takes into consideration the fact that a large part of your network is in passive devices (patch panels, cabling, crossconnects etc.) and that these devices need to be installed, documented and managed in a cost effective manner.
3271 $4.19 Mil $0.71 Mil Southeast  S-2734-19 CRC
Manufacturing / Concrete Plant A ready-mix concrete manufacturing plant.
1442 $3.60 Mil $0.50 Mil South Central  S-781-3 JEM
Sand, Gravel, Rock & Fill Supplier to Construction Industry Company provides materials such as Gravel, Sand, Rock, Fill and Landscaping materials to the construction industry. They have multiple sites from which to draw their raw material. This ensures a long-term supply.
1793 $11.60 Mil $3.00 Mil Southwest  S-2572-1 MEL
Commercial Glass & Aluminum Contractor This Company is well established, founded 20 years ago Along with the contracting of glass and aluminum work, they actually develop and assemble their own pieces. The shop is setup with machinery to assemble and complete products for easy field installation, giving them an edge over competition.
Conveyor Systems - See Materials Handling Equipment
$ Mil $ Mil  
Dental Equipment
7699-82, 5047 $2.30 Mil $0.50 Mil Southeast  S-2725-1 PAK
New and refurbished Dental Equipment Distributor This company provides customers with a diverse line of dental equipment ranging from complete operative packages to X-Ray machines as well as autoclaves, and lights and lab equipment. The business sells both new equipment and refurbished equipment. Refurbished equipment is purchased from dental practices that have merged, been forced into bankruptcy and from foreclosure auctions.
Direct Mail Services
7331 $53.70 Mil $4.10 Mil West Coast  S-2714-3 RFM
Direct Mail, Printing, Envelope Manufacturing Company that also provides some Software Development This is a unique opportunity to acquire an established business that blends direct mail, printing, envelope manufacturing plus some software development. It is an S-Corp and provides services to a diverse range of customers. There are no customer concentration issues. This is a solid firm that has been operated efficiently by one of the founders. There are still substantial opportunities to grow this business which has largely been developed through organic growth.
Display Fixtures
2542 $7.50 Mil $0.70 Mil Midwest  S-1789 DCE
Custom Plastic Display-Fixture Fabricator An industry leader with over 20 years manufacturing innovative retail store fixture for national retailers, brand manufacturers, agencies and OEM’s. Programs include Custom Store Fixtures, Merchandising Systems, P-O-P Displays and accessories, Interactive Experiences, and Acrylic and Plastic High-impact Projects.
Education Products
9003 $3.50 Mil $1.50 Mil Northeast  S-1790 IS
Educational Products for Young Children The Company provides educational products that combine learning and playing. They offer a superb line of award-winning, high-quality furnishing products for the classroom or home that are practical and fun. The attention to design, details, and durability translates into a lifetime of precious childhood memories.
Electric Services
4931 $16.30 Mil $2.40 Mil Ecuador  S-2734-18 CRC
Energy / Transmission Line Construction Two general contractors under the same ownership specializing in turn-key construction of power transmission line, substations and generation in South America.
Electrical Supplies
5063 $13.50 Mil $0.70 Mil Midwest  S-2568-2 BAL
Electric Supply Company This 50+ year business is an established distributor of electrical supplies and equipment. The Company is a full-line electrical distributor. It sells power and distribution equipment; motor controls and sensors; lighting fixtures and controls; wire and cable and basic supplies including conduit, fittings, wiring devices, fuses and more.
3344-12 $41.00 Mil $5.00 Mil East Coast  S-1801 PNM
Domestic US. Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer Brand New On Market The company is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers providing best-in-class solutions to enhance electronics productivity and collaboration with a full suite of services including quick turn prototype boards and high volume PCB production. They utilize over 30 years of consumer insight and corporate experience with the most advanced technology to meet the demands of today’s high technology manufacturing environment.
Energy Services
5074 $3.30 Mil $0.60 Mil Midwest  S-246-2 JEM
Steam Energy Management Company Innovation, Design, Development & Service Company caters to the corrugating steam industry by providing unique systems to improve efficiency. In business over 20 years, they have installations worldwide. Recently the company has branched out into consumer products and food industries. They design, engineer, supervise the installation, service, and provide training to the industry in all facets of a plants steam system.
2099, 5141 $79.10 Mil $11.40 Mil South America  S-2793-1 JWK
Leading Food Group in Latin America The Group is mainly in the food service contracting business delivering world class customized on site and in portion control feeding solutions. They also produce and distribute branded products, including frozen and shelf stable products, to the retail and wholesale trade.
4244, 5141 $16.70 Mil $0.45 Mil SW USA  S-1800 AJR
Specialty Food Distribution The company provides the finest specialty refrigerated and frozen gourmet foods to the hospitality and retail industry. Deliver frozen, the company specializes in retail customers and food service customers. Company services three of the largest cities in the SW USA.
51410 $10.00 Mil $0.74 Mil West Coast  S-1709 JVM
Wholesale Food Distributor & Manufacturer – West Coast This Company manufacturers and distributes 100% natural frozen and ambient food products that are marketed worldwide. The owner is looking for additional investment, but is open to all manner of financial transactions. Over 6 years in business, the firm is projecting 20% growth rates for 2012 and beyond.
Footwear Accessories
5139, 5136, 5137 $7.00 Mil $1.50 Mil Southeast  S-2734-25 CRC
Distribution & Wholesale – Footwear & Accessories Wholesale distributor of footwear and accessories for men, women, and children. The company has a significant presence in numerous, big-box retailers across the southeastern U.S. with dedicated floor space. The company has multiple licensing agreements with major children's companies to use their characters and logos, as well as a deal for a motion picture and television show set to run in 2015.
Forklift - See Materials Handling Equipment
$ Mil $ Mil  
5712 $1.10 Mil $0.29 Mil Relocatable  S-1781 JJH
Distributor - Niche Home Furnishings - Online This well-established manufacturers distributor with significant barriers to entry has delivered consistent profits for the two owners who run this lifestyle business from their home office. There exists a significant opportunity to market complimentary offerings to the existing customer base. Zero inventory is carried as all orders are custom "Made in the USA", minimal working capital is required.
Golfing Equipment
5088, 5941, 5091, 7519, 7999, 3949 $6.60 Mil $0.98 Mil Florida  S-919-5 DBN
Golf Cart Sales, Service & Rental Premier New and Used Golf Cart Sales, Service and Rental. With more golf courses than any state in the U.S., Florida is known as the Golf Capital of the World and this dealership is known as the Best in the Tri-City area of South Florida.
Health Clubs
7991-01 $13.90 Mil $1.60 Mil East Coast  S-2784-1 TJA
Upscale Health Clubs Five high quality health clubs located in the suburbs of a major East Coast city. These clubs are constantly voted as the best in the area. The clubs have a high level of amenities including pools, handball and racquetball courts, in-door soccer fields, basketball courts, etc. These are large, multi-floor, stand-alone clubs. Owner is looking to retire.
Health Nutrition
2834 $1.30 Mil $0.50 Mil USA  S-2734-21 CRC
Beverage & Dietary Supplement Pioneer A functional beverage and dietary supplement pioneer spanning across multiple platforms. The company has leading, distinct, and unique natural lifestyle products on the market and an exclusive licensing partnership with a world renowned consumer brand. All products have been tested and independently evaluated for 100% potency and quality; all are in adherence with the latest 2014 FDA requirement for dietary supplements and beverages.
8082 $3.30 Mil $1.20 Mil Pacific NW  S-2778-1 RFM
Home Healthcare Company The Company is long established with over 32 years of home health care experience. It was started to help people recuperate at home after surgery or major illness and has evolved to provide a large range of services. The company has hired and trained a large range of caregivers and home care experts to meet the client’s needs.
Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning
9268, 5075, 5078 $4.80 Mil $0.00 Mil New England  S-2492-2 AOH
HVAC Company This New England based company provides contract-based service management, equipment repair, replacement and specializes in retrofit ductless air conditioning installation and service. The customer base is diverse and includes apartment complexes, office buildings, schools, universities, hospitals and large manufacturing facilities. The primary business is heating, cooling and refrigeration installation and service.
3585 $15.00 Mil $1.50 Mil Northeast  S-2787-3 TJA
Manufacturer Of Explosion Proof, Corrosion Protected HVAC Systems This Company specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of explosion proof, corrosion protected HVAC systems. For over a decade, this company has provided the highest quality air conditioning systems for Mobile Medical, Television Broadcast, Command Centers, Marine, Oil, Gas and Hazardous Location Industry, Military and many other custom applications.
5541, 5983, 1711, 5989 $11.80 Mil $0.90 Mil Mid Atlantic  S-233-10 AOH
Heating Oil / HVAC Distributor and Pacific Pride Franchisee Primary heating oil / HVAC and Pacific Pride distributor serving over 2,000 Customers in a high growth area of the mid Atlantic. The company is known for their excellent customer service reputation throughout their marketing area.
Information Retrieval Services
7375 $2.00 Mil $1.10 Mil Southeast  S-2795-1 PAK
Online Business Directory The Company is an online business directory which specializes in connecting consumers to local businesses. This booming company founded in 2011, allows users to search for businesses and services by location, by business name or by business category. Results are displayed with addresses, maps and in many cases, user reviews. The reviews and comments about a business can help the user make a more informed decision about which business to call or visit.
Information Technology
7379-0200 $7.40 Mil $2.70 Mil Southeast  S-1796 JDC
Logistics and Marine Terminal IT Solutions Provider IT Consultancy providing Software Development and Support Services to the Logistics and Marine Terminal Industries as well as Operational Proactive Hardware and Internetworking Support to virtually all industries.
Laboratory Equipment
3826 $1.50 Mil $0.00 Mil USA  S-1749 TJA
Diagnostic Lab Equipment Technologically innovative life-sciences tool company specializing in high-volume robotic liquid sample preparation and detection technologies. The company says it’s poised for growth with faster, less expensive and higher quality products than its competitors. The company serves a rapidly growing market segment. All of the company's products are market ready.
Leather Luggage
3161 $6.00 Mil $1.30 Mil Northeast  S-1779 CTJ
Manufacturer of Fine Leather Bags and Accessories The Company manufactures a variety of leather brief cases, all weather backpacks, laptop bags, lawyer’s briefcases luggage. Bags(male & female), travel bags with or/without wheels, accessories such as men’s wallets, IPad cases, clutch wallets, tote bags, purses and more
3646 $6.00 Mil $0.84 Mil Pacific NW  S-1774 JLH
Energy Efficient Lighting Company Use of the company’s products results in approximately 55% energy savings compared to the old technologies they replace. The Company is a leading commercial light fixture manufacturer in the U.S. and was the first to utilize the T5 High Output (T5/HO) fluorescent lamps as a direct down light source to replace HID lamps in industrial applications. More recently, the Company introduced an entire LED series to expand the offering and enhance the fluorescent line.
Livestock Distributor
0291 $20.00 Mil $0.50 Mil Midwest  S-2437-1 CWB
Midwest (11 States) Livestock Distribution Company The Company purchases and sells livestock in eleven states throughout the Midwest United States. This livestock is moved via transportation equipment provided by an affiliated company (included in the sale along with related real estate),
5084 $13.50 Mil $1.00 Mil Western States  S-1777 JVM
Industrial Equipment Wholesaler The company provides process equipment and services for handling air, gas, liquids and dry bulk solids. In addition to equipment sales, they also provides the following services: Application Engineering, System Engineering (including design and integration), Project Management, Custom Fabrication, Construction and Installation, as well as Equipment Services & Repair - which includes field service.
Market Research
5419-10 $10.20 Mil $1.24 Mil Revealed Upon Buyer Interest  S-1752 PNB
Marketing Research Company This independent global marketing research company provides a multitude of research ser¬¬vices including in-house data collection, project management, data analysis and inter¬pre¬ta¬tion, and survey and sampling design. Services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer’s needs. The company has extensive experience in marketing research, a solid reputation for the highest quality, and a very strong customer satisfaction commitment as demonstrated through their excellent long-term client relationships. They have vast experience areas of Insurance, Government, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation and Travel, Financial, Agriculture, Non-Profit, Political, Consumer Package Goods, Legal and Retail Industry.
2759, 2741, 2721 $5.50 Mil $0.79 Mil Southwest  S-1784 JWT
Full Service Design & Marketing Company The Company provides highly personalized, “must have”, marketing materials to independent sales professionals of Real Estate and Financial Institutions to ensure their growth, retention, and increased market share. The Company believes it is the only national company to provide a one-stop, turnkey, high quality marketing packaging services suite for real estate related sales professionals throughout the U.S. & Canada. Annual revenue growth has been robust since 2011 including a near doubling in revenue in 2013 from 2012. The Company experiences high overall Gross/Contribution Margins for its lines of businesses.
8999 $1.95 Mil $0.41 Mil Eastern USA  S-1736 TJA
Consumer Automotive Media Producer/Distributor The Company is presently the largest producer and distributor of video car shopping tools, providing 100% coverage of the U.S. light vehicle market. Its suite of video test drives and walk-arounds are licensed on an annual recurring fee basis to the largest portals on the Internet: AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, Kia, Autotrader, etc., as well as Cablevision and Time Warner VOD services.
Medical Practice
8011 $2.50 Mil $0.49 Mil Southern CA  S-2714-1 RFM
Cosmetic Surgery Practice This practice is a three physician cosmetic surgery practice located in Southern California. The center specializes in a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries for men and women. Its facial rejuvenation procedures for women include Lazer-Lift, Forehead lift, facial implants and nose and eyelid surgeries.
Metal Recycling
5093 $10.90 Mil $1.10 Mil Southeast  S-2734-13 CRC
Waste & Scrap Metal A family of companies that buy and sell scrap metals and cores in Florida and Georgia.
1241, 8711, 1629 $23.00 Mil $2.60 Mil Mid Atlantic  S-605-6 AOH
Leading Coal & Salt Mining Contractor The Company provides services to support coal and salt mining companies by offering a diversity of specialties focusing on nearly every need of the industry. Currently the company is known as the leading independent contractor with over 300 people working in seven states. Continuous growth has been sustained annually each year. This growth is anticipated to continue along this trend for the next ten years.
Novelty Products
5199, 5199-37. 5199-14, 5199-10 $11.40 Mil $1.90 Mil Southwest  S-1798 AJR
Premium Souvenir& Gift Manufacturer Company is a premier souvenir and novelty gift company in the United States today. For 30 years, it has manufactured superior, high-quality and high-profit products, specializing in personalized name programs. Products can be found in many prominent locations, such as nationally recognized vacation destinations and attractions, and popular gift and souvenir stores. The company’s core business is souvenir & novelty. There is an additional business and growth opportunity in novelty and impulse items for mass market stores including Dollar Stores, national discounters, general merchandise and specialty stores.
Oil & Gas
1382 $5.20 Mil $1.50 Mil Central Alberta  S-2782-2 TBL
Pipeline Service Business in Oil & Gas Industry This privately owned company is Pipeline Services business, which provides integrity solutions, equipment and services specifically aimed at the integrity of oil and gas pipelines. It facilitates a full turn-around operation of cleaning, inhibiting, repairing, or abandoning of pipelines. The Company was established in 1995, and has been under current management till now.
1382 $4.36 Mil $1.37 Mil Central Alberta  S-2782-1 TBL
Logging Business in Oil & Gas Industry This privately owned company provides logging services to the Oil & Gas and Coal Mines sector. The business is equipped and organized to be a "One-Stop-Shop" services for all logging and clearing requirements by Oil & Gas Companies. The Company was established in 1998, and has been under current management till present. Prospects for this business is growing as new coal mines and pipelines are proposed in this region, which will need logging and clearing services.
Online Education
7372 $2.60 Mil $1.00 Mil Southeast  S-2803-1 PAK
Online Investor Education Site This online education company provides courses and coaching to active traders (FOREX ,options, etc.) that helps them become more successful. The 17 year old company is decentralized and the coaching staff, who create all new content, are all former customers. There are numerous revenue streams and gross margins are more than 90%. There is a solid lead generation funnel that provides new customers. Also, many current customers upgrade their product packages because of the results they get from the coaching and training.
Optical Products
3679, 3827, 3851 $15.40 Mil $3.30 Mil UK  S-2525-2 AHO
High Precision Optical and Electro Optical Products Manufacturer UK Company Long established UK business which has experienced rapid export growth, currently 64% of revenues are export related. Designer, developer and manufacturer of high quality precision niche products to military, security, law enforcement, scientific and industrial markets.
2621 $0.00 Mil $0.00 Mil Southwest  S-1730B JWT
Paper Mill The controlling entity owns a Maquiladora operation and the related plant facilities in Mexico near the San Diego, CA border. Approximately seven years ago the controlling entity started the Company’s 50,000 sq. ft corrugated box manufacturing facility. The controlling entity also acquired a plastics injection molding business in 2007 of which the principal had been the COO for many years. For strategic purposes the controlling entity converted the 100,000 sq. ft. injection molding plant to a paper mill (see separate profile S-1730B JWT) in the last few years.
3089 $22.00 Mil $2.70 Mil Southwest  S-781-1 JEM
Custom Plastics Injection Molder Custom plastic injection molding manufacturer. Services customers in several industries with capacity to grow. Intensely loyal customer base. Market niche in 4 industries with 5 of many customers over 10 years old. 3 new industries have been added that will generate an additional $6M in 2012 sales.
3081 $10.00 Mil $1.10 Mil Northeast  S-2615-1 SJE
Manufacturer of Extruded Plastic Films The Company is a long-established plastics film manufacturer. The Company produces custom rolls of High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) films by cast extrusion. These films are used to create thermoformed packaging for commercial products by the Company’s customers. The seller will only see strategics in the plastic's manufacturing industry. That also means only PEGs with plastics manufacturing companies in their portfolio or high, net worth individuals who are in or were in plastics manufacturing.
3087, 3083 $9.85 Mil $0.05 Mil USA  S-1735 JPM
Custom Thermoforming Plastic Company This long established company specializes in custom thermoforming plastic enclosures for a variety of industries, including medical, automotive, recreation, food/beverage, computer, and data storage. They are a top niche player in a highly specialized field.
1711 $2.70 Mil $0.61 Mil Northeast  S-2623-2 NRJ
Premium Plumbing Company Available This company is a fully integrated and licensed Plumbing Company servicing both the commercial and residential markets. While it provides all the traditional plumbing solutions, it sets itself apart with a technological edge in the use of trench-less water and sewer repair and directional drilling capability.
Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning
1711 $1.60 Mil $0.60 Mil Midwest  S-2729-1 NTB
Test & Balance Company Test, Adjust and Balance is recommended to maximize efficiency and minimize operating costs, to assure that the engineer's design is met, to identify design and/or construction deficiencies and to troubleshoot problem areas, such as hot or cold spots, drafts, odors or noisy areas. Testing, Adjusting and Balancing is an essential service in establishing and maintaining the comfort and efficiency before and after a building is constructed. When this test and balance company provides services during the preconstruction planning and final construction phases, the owner is assured that HVAC systems in the building will operate at the most efficient level.
7331, 2752 $5.00 Mil $2.10 Mil Southeast  S-2734-14 CRC
Business Services for Market Research Firms Seeking Equity Partner to Grow the Company A Market Research Support group specializing in intelligent print and mail fulfillment, data capture scanning departments, internet capabilities as well as call center support. Providing an out sourced solution to the most critical needs of Market Research Firms Globally.
Printing Machinery
3555 $4.50 Mil $2.40 Mil Northeast  S-2806-1 RLF
Specialized Manufacturer of Machines Used in the Printing Industry The company designs and builds customized machines used in conjunction with and in sync with high speed offset press lines. The company has a national top tier customer base.
Retirement Centers - See Nursing Homes & Retirement Centers
$ Mil $ Mil  
7382 $21.90 Mil $3.80 Mil Revealed upon Buyer Interest  S-1751 PNB/THK
Maritime Security Company This ISO 9000 certified company has been in existence for over 20 years It was founded by a group of military officers who wanted to fulfill a perceived gap in security consulting, staffing applications, development and implementation of security technology and the application of manpower for the worldwide maritime transportation industry.
Ship Repair
4493-04 $15.00 Mil $1.00 Mil Revealed Upon Buyer Interest  S-1747 PNB
Ship Repair Facility For over 50 years, this ESOP Company has been in the business of repairing and refurbishing small vessels for the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and the Army. It also performs similar work for commercial customers, but its target market is the Government to help generate most of its revenue. The Owner is currently entertaining acquisition offers from responsible buyers and is willing to stay on to manage the company post transaction
Staffing Services
7361 $11.86 Mil $1.06 Mil East Coast  S-2788-1 RFB
Staffing Firm This is a multi-branch, profitable staffing firm. The company, which is a Sub “S” Corporation, has been in business servicing the same general marketing area for more than 25 years. This is a solid firm that has grown steadily under the same ownership after the recession and will continue to improve with additional marketing and sales focus.
2844 $6.20 Mil $1.60 Mil West Coast  S-2773-4 IS
IT Staffing Company The Information Technology (IT) staffing company specializes in embedded systems consulting in the High Technology and Semiconductor verticals. The company specializes in providing services such as: Application Development and Testing, ASIC Design and Verification, Embedded Systems Consulting, among other IT services. The company enjoys strong relationships with several fortune 500 and multi-billion dollar companies.
5812, 2084, 8243 $6.00 Mil $0.48 Mil Southern USA  S-2788-2 RFB
Hospitality Staffing Firm This company has a wide range of clients. For a banquet company they can provide personnel such as bartenders, banquet servers, bartenders. Another client may require cooks and chefs as well as dishwashers. These all could be called for in a hotel situation as well as housekeeping personnel, maintenance workers. Hospitality is a wide field covering multiple situations. The company supplies such personnel from two locations. Based on existing contracts there is the opportunity to add additional office locations.
7361 $5.00 Mil $0.90 Mil National  S-2794-3 RFB
National Direct Hire Staffing Firm The Company is a leading national provider of direct hire placement services, primarily serving the healthcare, financial, technical and banking industries. The Company was founded over 30 years ago.
2341, 2389 $7.00 Mil $1.90 Mil USA  S-2807-1 MAH
Relocatable Specialty Garment Manufacturer & Distributor The Company designs and manufactures (outsourced overseas) specialty garments and distributes to a broad range of over 180 Specialty Retailers out of a single U.S. facility.
4213, 4214 $2.20 Mil $0.22 Mil Venezuela  S-1791 JEM
Niche Transportation Company Company has been serving the Venezuelan market for over 25 years with ground transportation in a specialized, profitable market. They offer complete logistics including container storage, cross-docking and inter-warehouse transfer.
4213 $5.28 Mil $0.53 Mil Western USA  S-2702-1 RFM
Climate Controlled Transport/Logistics/Service & Warehousing Company Trucking & Logistics Company that specializes in the transport of climate controlled movement of high value products for the electronic industry, pharmaceuticals, medical and fine arts shippers. The company provides logistics services to insure that the shipments travel safely and on time in the 48 states & Canada. In addition to the surface products, the company provides rigging services, machine moving (major contracts in place), climate controlled storage, along with general storage (three profit centers) in a well organized 90,000sq.ft facility
4213, 4731 $3.90 Mil $0.35 Mil Southwest  S-2476-4 PLK
Trucking Company & Transportation Brokerage This trucking company and transportation brokerage business operates 20 over-the-road trucks serving a loyal base of customers, primarily from Mexico’s maquiladora manufacturing. The current owner recognizes that the continued growth and development of the business requires additional capital, which is not available under the current ownership.
4213, 4225 $3.70 Mil $0.40 Mil Southeast & Northeast  S-2734-22 CRC
Freight Trucking – Long Distance A well established, long-distance, freight transport and warehouse operator. The company primarily performs services through dedicated service contracts and line-haul distribution.
3715 $8.50 Mil $1.00 Mil Southeast  S-2734-24 CRC
Commercial Vehicle / Fabrication Two companies deliver in-house, custom fabrication for the commercial vehicle industry. The companies handle manufacturing, distributing, and repair work of flatbeds, bodies, equipment, and trailers for trucks and vans. These items are built to the customers’ specifications.
Water Treatment
3069, 1623, 3589 $8.00 Mil $1.20 Mil Southeast  S-1331-21 DBN
Leading Manufacturer of Municipal & Industrial Membrane Water Treatment Systems Long established, the Company produces membrane water treatment systems for US municipalities. The Company provides UF/MF non-proprietary, customized drinking water systems for low-pressure membrane treatment, spiral-wound membrane softening, brackish reverse osmosis (R/O), and seawater R/O. The Company’s products by percentage of sales are: Design and Fabrication of Membrane Treatment Systems (78.5%), Chemical Sales (10.0%), Service of Membrane Treatment Systems (6.0%), and Membrane Treatment Pilot Units (5.5%). The Company employs 21 employees at its 40,000 s/f manufacturing plant.
3949, 3482 $4.10 Mil $0.80 Mil USA  S-2774-3 JEM
Rapidly Growing Handgun Accessory Company Company has achieved tremendous growth in its short history. They have a unique product, unique materials, and a unique marketing concept to bring unheard of margins to what used to be a traditional business with old-style marketing
Weapons Manufacturer
3821-0100 $5.50 Mil $0.71 Mil Canada  S-1776 RB
Laboratory Testing and Military Weapons Manufacturer Custom bench test laboratory systems and the design and manufacture of military guns. Commercial dealers and government accounts